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1. Customer information collection purpose:

  • Product quotation for customers.
  • Goods receipts for customers.
  • Convenient for suppying services, products for customers. By Company.
  • Informing customers new policies.
  • Exchanging trading information, contracts, samples quicker also sending electronic bills.
  • Comparing customer information on national information gateway for production and sending electronic bills.

2. Customer information collection:

  • Customer name if individual. Company, organization name if businesses.
  • Addresses of delivering, receiving goods.
  • Telephone numbers of buyers, customers.
  • Emails of buyers, customers.

3. Customer information collection forms:

  • Receiving customer information when meeting directly at trading places.
  • Receiving customer information by SMS when customers telephoning our hotlines.
  • Receiving customer information by emails sending into company’s email address.

4. Customer information usage scope:

We only use customer information in totally legitimate matters, agreed by customers. Absolutely do not supply information to a third party without customers’ consent. Only supply customer information when beneficial to customers and allowed by customers. But we supply information to third parties in some below circumstances:

  • Allowed by customers.
  • By demands of organizations, organs, Government, States when confirming those acts are legal and not violate the law of Vietnam State.

5. Address of personal customer information collection & management organization:

  • Toan Dai Hung Trading & Services Co, Ltd
  • 9 Street No 7, Binh Thoi Housing Estate, Ward 8, Disrtict 11, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Tel: (028) 3962 2857 – 3962 7761 – 3962 3270
  • Fax: 84 – 28 – 3962 0989
  • Email: [email protected]

6. Time of storing customer information:

  • Information will be kept until two parties end trading activities.

7. Customer information security engagement:

  • Engaging to fully secure not supplying customer information if that causes disanvantges, difficulties of customers.
  • Not supplying information to organs, organizations when understanding that it is illegal with the law of Vietnam State.